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Project Description

This is a small project I created to migrate complex solutions when there is no time to create a template. The motivation for the project is how time consuming and/or difficult it is to create a multi-project template in Visual Studio. The issue I was having was finding time to make a multi-project template for Visual Studio. My quick solution was to create the entire solution and then create a simple executable that could migrate the files, changing both names and GUIDs, as needed.


Usage: TemplateMigrator.exe 
/sd: {source directory (template)}
/nd: {new direcory}
/os: {old string (name to replace in template)}
/ns: {string that replaces old string}
/rg: {replace the GUIDs [TRUE|FALSE] - should GUIDs be replaced (default TRUE)}
I personally see no reason to have this switch, so it may be deprecated

NOTE: Will add more later

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