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This is a simple executable to migrate a complex solution to another location. The purpose is to easily recreate a solution structure (as if it is a template?) so you don't have to spend time redoing the same work each time you create one. Eventually, I will create a template for micro services in .NET, which is eliminate the need for this particular executable, at least for my purposes.

To use, download and extract to a file. The syntax is:

Usage: TemplateMigrator.exe
/sd: {source directory (template)}
/nd: {new direcory}
/os: {old string (name to replace in template)}
/ns: {string that replaces old string}
/rg: {replace the GUIDs [TRUE|FALSE] - should GUIDs be replaced (default TRUE)}
I personally see no reason to have this switch, so it may be deprecated

Published to make sure anyone else with this issue had a place to go to get things rolling. Feel free to contribute if you find this project useful for your needs.

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